Prepare Your Home For Fall With These 8 Tips

Prepare Your Home For Fall With These 8 Tips

September 01, 2021

If you’re from the Midwest, you’re no stranger to unpredictable weather. With Fall quickly approaching, now is an excellent time to prepare your home. Follow these 8 tips to get your home ready for the upcoming seasonal changes.

1. Check for drafts. 

Any drafts coming in could make your furnace or air conditioning work harder. Save energy by sealing windows and doors to prevent drafts from coming in.

2. Have your furnace inspected. 

For your protection, have a professional inspect and maintain your furnace. Annual checkups will prevent costly repairs and safety risks in your home.

3Test home safety devices. 

Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices. Consistently test these devices as they are essential in preventing risks and even death.

4. Chimney and fireplace maintenance.

Wood fireplaces can be a significant hazard if not cleaned and inspected. Make sure to have a professional take care of any maintenance needed before usage.

5. Clean the gutters.

Remove any debris from gutters and check for leaks.

6. Store hoses. 

Drain water from outdoor hoses and put them away in a dry, protected area. Shut off exterior faucets to prevent any pipes from freezing.

7. Prepare your winter equipment.

Gather all your winter equipment and make sure it’s easy to access.

8. Test the generator.

Test your generator to make sure it’s up and working so you can have peace of mind when power outages occur.